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A brilliantly smart girl, extremely hot, fun to be with. Can make just about anyone laugh. Inclined to psycopathic tendancies, but only towards people(or things) that deserve it. Very inquisitive by nature,and can't stand not knowing the asnwer to something. People are always jealous of a Maddy, mostly because they're against pretty people/smart people, or they just wish they were as cool as a Maddy.
"Man, I wish I was a Maddy!"
"Look at that girl over there, I bet she's a Maddy."
"I hate that Maddy, I'm so jealous of her!"
by A People January 30, 2008

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1)A Fake, a fraud
2)A horny asshole who pretends to love 12 year-olds in order to get porn from them
3)A scary Fat bastard who likes pictures of 12 year-olds and will do anything to get them
4)An asshole who looks at porno pics of 12-year olds because thats the only action he'll ever get
Look at that perv, he's such a Sham.
Man, that dude is looking at pics of 12-year-olds, he's such a Sham
by A People February 01, 2008

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