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A small island country in the Irish Sea between England and Ireland measuring 15 miles wide by 32 miles long.
The capital of the country is Douglas.
It is now being overwhelmed by English and Irish people to the point where the small island and it's natural beauty is being destroyed.
Native people to the Island are known as Manx people. The native language is also Manx although English is spoken as the norm.
The country is known worldwide for Manx Cats (cats born without tails) and Loghtan sheep as well as the TT (Tourist Trophey) motor cycle races.
While the Isle of Man is part of Britain, it is not part of the United Kingdom.
Native Manx people are actually a minority on the Island due to the inlux of English and Irish due to it's status as an off-shore tax haven.
The English and Irish have overwhelmed the Island simply by numbers and even if they haven't meant to they have killed off it's charm and beauty, forcing Manx people to leave in search for cleaner pastures.
Although the Isle of Man is basically a retirement home for many people, the drunken nightlife has led the Island to become even dirtier than before.
There is little to nothing for teenagers and young adults to do apart from drink which is why the Island has the highest alcoholism rate in Britain.
Although it used to be lovely and full of life... it is now a pretty disgusting place to live with the kind of life you find in a yoghurt pot after leaving it for three days in the sun.
I visited the Isle of Man for my holidays and will not be going back there. The brochure lied to me! :-(
by A Manx Girl September 13, 2003
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"The Rock" is a term used to describe the Isle of Man, (small country in Britain) usually in an insulting way.
Isle of Man
I can't wait to get off 'the rock', I hate this place.
by A Manx Girl September 13, 2003
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Insulting OR endearing term to describe the Isle of Man Isle of Man
eg - Please attach a giant motor to the island and sail it down to the Med
Please bomb the island and sink the damn thing
by A Manx Girl September 15, 2003
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