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Usually the final bit of a porn movie where the guy with a huge cock pulls out of the actress's pussy and shoots his jizz all over her face. Often said actress will hold her mouth wide open and stare up at the guy imploringly, and frequently then make a big show of rolling it around in her mouth, blowing bubbles, etc.
I downloaded a collection of cum shots off Kazaa this afternoon.
by a guy who knows February 27, 2004

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The spirit of metal made flesh. OK so he might have snorted a tad too much coke, and smoked a bit too much weed. Oh and he had a bit of a drinking problem. But really, he just rules.
Ozzy Osbourne changed my life... if ity wasn't for his band I never would have learned guitar - and then I would never have got a girlfriend. ;)
by a guy who knows February 27, 2004

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Hippies were invented in the 1960s, but nowadays they are usually just another example of a fashion victim. They go on about being different all the time, so it's surprising that they all have exactly the same tastes and ideas.

1) Hoopy socks, especially girl hippies, and brightly coloured clothes in general.
2) They believe anything that someone with dreadlocks tells them.
3) They are often vegetarian, or worse, vegan, in the misguided belief that this prevents cruelty to animals. They don't realise that vole populations are decimated when a field of corn is cut down, or that humans evolved to be omnivorous.
4) They love anything Eastern, and astrology, tarot cards, and anything else that they haven't taken the trouble to understand properly.
5) They often do martial arts, but can't fight properly. Like they kick you really slowly, so you can just grab their leg and pull them over.
6) Oh yeah and many of them love drugs and hero-worship Syd Barrett, even though he went totally mad from too much LSD.
7) They love lentils because they're so versatile.
My mate Lisa is cool, but she's such a goddamn hippy.
by a guy who knows February 27, 2004

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The most blatantly retarded person in the universe. Little John takes to making fun of others when he is unable to face the fact that he is wrong. His greatest insult is to call his opponent in a debate 'little', ironic, considering that his name is LITTLE John.
Little John: Accually, It takes several swings, FORCEFULL swings to break a bone with a hand axe.

Sparda: Little John, go to your nearest Hardware store and buy yourself an axe. Now, get the person nearest to you to hack at your chest. Only once. Send me some pictures of what happens.
by A Guy Who Knows December 27, 2004

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The best form of music for fighting, getting things done, and generally feeling high and aggressive. There is a really weak form of metal out now called Nu-Metal, in which the guitarists are always proud of the fact they can't play, and the lyrics are utterly unintelligible. It doesnt matter though as long as you have an eyebrow piercing, a goatee beard and live with your mom. That's not proper metal, it's just gay and you know it.
Proper metal is Black Sabbath, Pantera, Ozzy and anything else which doesn't take itself too seriously. It helps if the guitarist can play proper guitar solos too, but really being able to drink English quantities of beer and roll joints is the acceptable minimum for a metal guitarist. Being too good means you spent too much time practising as a kid and not enough time puking and laughing about it with the bad influence kids at school.
Dimebag Darrell (note daft name) had a stupid shaped guitar, sweated a lot, like to get stoned and had a pink beard. He could also play properly. Hence he is a great example of a "proper metal" guitarist.
by a guy who knows February 27, 2004

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