4 definitions by A Granola Bar

A piece of fecal matter trotted from someone who has a colorful diet. (Vegetables, corn, etc.) This piece of fecal matter commonly looks like a granola bar (sometimes if it were green.)
"Dude, don't go vegan."
"I tried it once, every crap you deposit is a granola bar."
by A Granola Bar March 11, 2016
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When someone makes an urban dictionary definition of their own (or someone else's) name to either call them out on something or make themselves (And everyone else with that name) seem cool.
Self-Centered Human: Hey, check it out! An Urban Dictionary definition I made got onto the front page!
Regular Human: Dude, it's your name. Name-Defining is so stupid.
by A Granola Bar April 10, 2016
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Waiting for something funny to happen, but it never does.
Human number one: Did you like that comedy show?
Human number two: No, there was too much suspunse. Never laughed once.
by A Granola Bar March 09, 2016
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