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Is a type of meme that makes no sense and hard to understand
Unlike relatable memes, it appear to make so little sense that only people who have great senses of humor will be able to understand and too complicated for our primitive brains
It is an example of how memes will look like in the future
It often features Meme Man, misspelled words and weird shits
(Surreal memes are available in Timotainment's YouTube channel)
Limit: 8 speeds
Orang: 9 speeds
Meme Man: No, Orang stonp
Orang: *rotates* I N F I N I T E S P E E D
Meme Man: Cool and good
by 9 years old August 24, 2019
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Person A: Hey dude! Do you know who's PewDiePie ?
Person B: PewDiePie ? The guy who kills memes ?
Person A: No, he is a Minecraft YouTuber now
Person B: Wait, seriously ? Are we in 2010 ?
Person A: No. But he used to make Minecraft videos in 2010
by 9 years old September 3, 2019
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