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An onsen is a Japanese style public bath using volcanically heated hot water from the ground.

The term onsen is often used in the Japanese language in reference to the bathing facilities surrounding hot springs.

Onsen, when translated into English means 'hot spring', which can lead to confusion and miscommunication.
After watching the monkeys in the hot spring, do you want to go to an onsen?
by 7 years in August 20, 2013
Irregularly intermittent
Commercials in movies used to be intermittent but now they’re all interspittent so they’re harder to avoid.
by 7 years in March 21, 2019
Irregularly intermittent.
This car is a piece of junk. Why does it interspittently change gear like that? Always when you least expect it!
by 7 years in March 20, 2019
Disturbing someone with a comment that results in the sudden reversal of what was previously said.

Dave - "The Titanic is the greatest ship ever."
Paul - "But it sank this morning!"
Dave - "Do you strive to pericombobulate? Shut up!"
by 7 years in April 10, 2017