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A particular strain of marijuana engineered by California based musical artists the Kottonmouth Kings. The group traveled to amsterdam and entered King's Blend into the Cannibus Cup. The strain won first place.

Also, a song by the Kottonmouth Kings discussing the aforementioned situation.
King's Blend, tasters choice.
by 6 Figga Nigga January 25, 2006

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One of the most infamous white gangsters, currently residing somewhere on the east coast. In 2000, Grant became famous for his large scale marijuana farm, which is referenced on the Kottonmouth Kings track, "The Lottery". Grant is also rumored to grow morning glory flowers for the purpose of extracting LSA.

Grant is also known for the well-publicized fued between himself and "Lil Tim", also of the East Coast. Rumor has it the beef began over racially based conflicts and an asian female. The conflict came to a tragic end after members of Lil Tim's crew were gunned down by associates of Grant. After this, Grant dissappeared into relative obscurity to evade law enforcement, responding to any statement with "You got no proof". He continues to remain somewhere on the East Coast.

That crazy nigga E. Grant slapped the taste outta that gooks mouth son.

"Step to grant, yall will get scored"
D-Loc of the Kottonmouth Kings
by 6 Figga Nigga February 02, 2006

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