4 definitions by 39 year old feminist

When you’re having sex and You’re about to but so you pull out and nut into the exhaust of a car, where she also cums and squirts on you while doing so.
David: yo i was just having sex with a girl last night.
Jaymz: Did you do the snauce?
David: Hell yeah.
by 39 year old feminist March 28, 2020
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This is what people say in order to not have sex with a person from the feminism race
Feminist:hey have sex with me I’m 780 pounds

Normal guy: no sorry I Have Aids
by 39 year old feminist January 10, 2018
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This is a phrase made by a pure genius it’s what you when you busted 3 nuts into your dads anal cavity and forces him to break his back so you then stick your penis into an orange and ejaculate immensely
Dude last weekend was lit Im missing all 3 testicles now because of it
by 39 year old feminist January 11, 2018
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Its what you say when you have a very large dick so large in fact you have to say dicksmall in order to hide it from all the women and your english teacher also i have a small dick
Jon: Hey Fil dicksmall
Fil: yeah dicksmall too but i actually have dicksmall
Jon: yeah same
Mrs. Johnson: hey Jon give my that fucking dick
by 39 year old feminist March 27, 2018
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