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babysitting is defined as A junior/senior in high school that swoops up Freshman girls until they're used up. This action is also practiced by college LOSERS that can't pull a date their own age so they dive back into their old high school scene. Though I am a guy, I must admit this is mainly practiced by other guys...
1:Dude is that your date for the party? wasn't she a freshman when we GRADUATED?
2:yeah but she's graduating this year...and she puts out...
1:Dude you're BABYSITTING!!! Isn't it her bed time?
by 1337 34973 November 04, 2006

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constipated face/ERIC CARTMAN from southpark,used to show frustration after one get's PWN'D in online gaming.
(>_<) STOP AWPING !!!! F***ing NOOB
by 1337 34973 November 03, 2006

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