3 definitions by 12 Year Olds Hate Me

The most useless thing of all time.
Person 1: I went to the store to buy some overprized masks.
Person 2: I just bough the Apple mask! Its reusable and has a nice and clean look.
Person 1: But that's just a facema-
Person 2: Shut up, peasant.
by 12 Year Olds Hate Me September 25, 2020
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A term used by Supporters of former President Donald J. Trump to mock people who criticize him.

The only non-biased definition of this word in Urban Dictionary.
Person 1: I don't like that Trump is doing this!

Person 2: Orange Man Bad, am i right?
by 12 Year Olds Hate Me February 06, 2021
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An absolutely fantastic Japanese sports car that is over glorified by 11-year-old kids who worship it no matter if its outdated by this point. It is specially adored by kids who just watched Fast And Furious and already think its the best car of all time, these are the same people who say that you're not a real car guy if you like supercars and that any Koenigsegg wouldn't stand a chance against a bone stock Supra.
Child: What's your favorite car? Mine is a Toyota Supra!
Person 1: Yo, i love the brand new Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut! Its super awesome!
Child: Did you know that a Supra, a Japanese Toyota Sports car is way faster than any car in the world if you 2JZ-Swap it?
Person 1: But a supra already comes stock with a 2J-
Child: Shhhs.
by 12 Year Olds Hate Me September 25, 2020
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