2 definitions by 1-800retards united

a day kind of like the hunger games except with middle aged mothers fighting over stupid gifts they can buy online.
guy 1:how was black Friday
guy 2:It was awful,A stupid bitch threw a box of Twinkies at my head and some grandma ran me over with her shopping cart.
by 1-800retards united November 26, 2013
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a stupid acronym wannabes and "cool" people use.It means "you only live once" which is obvious and stupid because everybody already knows "you only live once"(Its not like you're Jesus or something).
random guy:shut the fuck up Timmy
other guy:No,actually Timmy's right *holds up gun and pulls trigger* YOLO Timmy!*BOOM!*
by 1-800retards united December 04, 2013
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