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word used for guys who confuse chicks beyond confuzzlement.
when a guy is reffered to as a daniel, he has probably confuzzled a chick by saying that he likes her, while he also likes another girl at the same time, and does nohing about the situation.
then he might go and post a cute,sweet comment somewhere, such as bebo, for the confuzzled girl. this leaves her even more confuzzled. he never talks to her again and leavs her as a mess for her bestfriend to clean up and fix!
he pulled a daniel on poor louise.
by .......? March 07, 2008
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word used for guys that are full of hotness and are sexpots.
Random girl on the street: OMG look at that johnny over there! hes full of hotness just like that urbandictionary definition says!
by .......? March 07, 2008
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