1 definition by -The Crow-

Wolfspeak is a bunch of words created by animal roleplayers to make them sound fancy and intelligent, when it really just makes them look like a pompous ass with a dictionary. Wolfspeakers are often also obsessed with making their wolves have accents, which would be perfectly fine if they didn't keep using the accents even when the wolf isn't speaking. Wolfspeakers are a shame to the real animal roleplaying community and are often looked down upon when they aren't with their own kind.
An example of wolfspeak:

Th' mighty brujo smelt th' scent of a femme blow through 'is nares. Tall pillars working quickly, 'e padded over to 'er an' 'e dipped his crown in respect. 'Is auds swiveled forwards as the sound of another brute coming towards them filled 'is ears. "Ah demand you t' show yerself, brujo! This 'ere terra is mine, an' this fae belongs to me! Challenge me if you wish, but for I am th' strongest wolf in th' forest, so do not expect t'win!" 'E 'owled, an' th' fierce brute let a growl escape 'is maw.
by -The Crow- January 14, 2007