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Someone that reps all the gangs, and throws up gang signs left and right, when she/ (or mostly) he doesn't know anything about the gang, what he's doing, and is very disrespectful. You might know a fake thug, so let them know it's dangerous to do stuff like that, and if they haven't been jumped or the gang doesn't know them, their life is at stake.
Her: Wait why are you throwing up a C? Did you get in the gang?
Him: Nah, I'm a Fake thug.
by -NBA YoungGirl- July 27, 2020
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Meaning, he has slept with and will sleep with anybody. He'll simp for the streets, the freeway, America. Anybody you know could be for the streets.. Another way to say ho.
Him: You know Hakeem? The Youtuber?
Her: Yeah. He belongs to the streets.
by -NBA YoungGirl- July 22, 2020
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An overused word that is CONSTANTLY confused with the word "Hoe". Hoes would only be the plural form. It simply means a girl that sleeps with a lot or too many men, and is commonly used to insult people that don't sleep with many people at all.
Girl: Karen's SUCH a ho.
Boy: How would you know?
by -NBA YoungGirl- June 10, 2020
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Popular, fun life simulator, available on Google Play and the Apple Appstore. This game isn't like other simulators, because there are fun mini-games, slim to none pictures, and is overall a great way to spend your time. You can pretty much do anything, and try to earn badges and choose either wisely or poorly! It's your life!
Her: Dude, have you downloaded BitLife yet?! I literally just got sent to an Egyptian prison!!
Him: No! I've gotta try it!
by -NBA YoungGirl- July 22, 2020
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If you have downloaded Snapchat, watch out for Snapchat perverts. Snapchat perverts are simply older or younger males or females that have nothing to do besides ask for nudes and send pictures and videos. Be careful who you add because while you can have a lot of fun with Snapchat's filters and effects, there are thirsty people out there. Simply block them.
Her: Ew is that a d*ck pic?
Her friend: Gross, a Snapchat Pervert just texted you! I always block Snapchat perverts!!
by -NBA YoungGirl- July 27, 2020
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Wet ass pussy;
Wings and pizza;
Waffles and pie;
If you reading this, you got a WAP; Either one above!
by -NBA YoungGirl- August 11, 2020
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