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The most amazing person ever, when u give her a chance... she is judged bye people from the way she looks and acts. She usually acts loud and crazy, but really doesnt give a shit what people think, she comes from a complicated family, and get guys all the time. When u get to know her and become very close with her she can be the best person u will ever meet, she sometimes cant control herself, but she really trys to be able too. It takes her awhile to care a lot about someone and u have to become extremely close to her in order for her to care about u. She loves to read, and is very smart and always has to correct peoples spelling, people usually use her for her smarts. She only has one person she truely really loves. Shes extremely funny, and always has something to say, or tell people. Shes pretty inside and out.
girl 1: omg whos that!?
girl 2: oh thats sofia, shes amazing once people give her a chance
girl 1: I heard that she...
girl 2 : oh thats not true people make up bull shit about her, they are just jealous because her life never has a dull moment and theirs does, so they have nothing better to do then gossip about her...
by -??????? hehe June 11, 2011

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