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The sound semen makes when it splashes in someone's rectum.
Boy, that habunk sounded good!
by *insertnamehere* March 15, 2007

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Chuffins are gifts you give to people you don't like, sort of like death cookies and poison-berry muffins.
UserNameWithNumbers2517: ur such a fag man go eat some chuffins
ChUfFiNeAtEr: ThAnKs DuDe!111111
by *insertnamehere* March 03, 2007

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This occurs when, for whatever reason, you are giving someone oral sex and you miss and go up there nose. Usually followed by a shlanoinker.
Yeah, my mouth raping turned into a weiner sniff. I still can't smell anything.
by *insertnamehere* March 15, 2007

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