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A busted roblox jojo game where you play as a jojo character and kill other people in team battle free for all or juggernaut
Person 1: Hey what character do you play in Troublesome Battlegrounds 2?
Person 2: Avdol
Person 1: *shoots Person 2 because avdol is fucking stupid*
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to bring us sugar tea and rum, One day, when the tonguin' is done, We’ll take our leave and go.
Chorus: Soon may the wellerman come
Chorus: To bring us sugar tea and rum
by *insert funny jojoke here* February 9, 2021
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The 3rd part of the anime/manga Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, where 5 really fucking strong people go to kill a gay strong immortal vampire
Person 1: Yo i just watched Stardust Crusaders
Person 2: nice
by *insert funny jojoke here* October 13, 2020
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the 8th part of the manga Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, where a sailor boy goes on a bizarre adventure to look into his past
Hirohiko Araki: Jojolion chapter 101 will be released on Chapter 101 of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8: Jojolion manga will be released on Saturday, October 17, at 9:30, am PDT
Jojolion Fans: poggers
by *insert funny jojoke here* October 13, 2020
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A side character from the 7th part of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, literally just a woman with pink hair that uses a spray can as a stand on a horse
Person 1: hot pants is a good character
Person 2: ok
by *insert funny jojoke here* October 13, 2020
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