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another word for friend a homie is a good friend who sticks with u no matter wat in good times and in bad times they love you and tell u they got your back homies can keep promises and stick up for each other they homies for ever
jessica:your like my best friend
joscelyn:you know wat you are to me?
joscelyn:your my homie cuz we good friends
jessica:yeah we homies 4 life
by *gloria* April 22, 2008
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to say whats up in a way like u dont really care about what your friend has to say.(but u say it to make it look like you care and u dont really have anything better to do)
you:zup tommy?
tommy:omg i had the most awesome weekend ever!
you:yeah i dont really care
by *gloria* April 22, 2008
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vans are the ultimate skateing shoes people who have the slip on vans are wanna-be skaters and some vans are really ugly and some look awesome
me: dude i just got a pair of slip on checker designed vans
friend:your not a skater your a poser!!!!
by *gloria* April 22, 2008
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something you say when someone is stareing right at you and you look at them and they are still looking at you, you say boo in a wat are you looking at voice and they stop looking at you!!!
girl#1:(looks at a gurl and she looking at her) boo wat you looking at lil ugly
girl#2:rolls her eyes and stops looking
by *gloria* April 22, 2008
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