29 definitions by *Wonderboy Marvel*

The greatest team in the NBA right now. The team that as I recall beat my corny ass team, The Mavericks. Also, the team with Allen Irverson, the guy whose dick I like to suck on so much until my mouth turns white.
Helwo. My wame is wonderboy warvel and i wuv the wixers. I am the wastardized wersion of Wayne Brady and i like to write wies on WurbanWictionary.wom cause i wam a Wracker. (See "Wracker")
by *Wonderboy Marvel* July 25, 2003
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G-Union has nothing but a bunch of hoes since they wrote the above definition, so won't the real *Wonderboy Marvel* stand up
G-Union: C'mon you know that I suck for a buck.
*Wonderboy Marvel*: Suck on this trick
(2 Gunshots)
by *Wonderboy Marvel* July 29, 2003
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Absolutely the sorriest movie made to show people how the hood is, this shows why Roc-A-Fella is really good for nothing but its rappers(Jay-Z, Freeway, and Jim Jones)
I don't want to see State Property 2 if it is worse than its counterpart, the original State Property.
by *Wonderboy Marvel* July 28, 2003
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the transportation services for Houston, TX which gives the hoods of the city its codes
44=Acres Homes 56=Greenspoint 503=Homestead and much more
Metro serves the city good but how about a better rail line.
by *Wonderboy Marvel* July 12, 2003
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A show that features P. Diddy trying to form a hip-hop group. This show is the best out so far, but why once a week? What I hate about it is that you only get 3 minutes of the show and 10 minutes of commercials. C'mon MTV you can do better.
The best show out so far and continually getting better, but it never reaches a climax. I'm just waiting for it to come out on DVD or something.
by *Wonderboy Marvel* July 7, 2003
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The greatest rapper out of St. Louis who can wreck many rappers and should belong in Hip-hop's greatest before his time is up
Murphy Lee wrecked the rest of the St. Lunatics on any song all of them do together.
by *Wonderboy Marvel* July 25, 2003
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2nd to only Popeyes chicken, but looks like factory rims compared to twenty-six inch sprees
Popeyes is simply better than KFC no if ands or buts about it.
by *Wonderboy Marvel* July 29, 2003
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