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Double dipping is an act performed by a male that involves the act of penetrating two or more different vaginas on two separate occasions during a normal business day with his penis. Often times it is considered customary to avoid washing of the penis between "dips". Although many consider this non-sanitary and often thought to accomplice the spread of sexually transmitted disease, a true boss will perform a "double dip" in this manner. Although this is a prize form of double dipping it is not required for an official double dip, and washing of the penis will not void the action of a double dip.
On my birthday for breakfast I met up with Cinderella, who is a real dirty bird, who bought me breakfast and fucked me. Shortly there after for lunch I met Snow White and she also fucked me, followed by Jasmine for drinks who also fucked me. And then Snow White came back by and performed falacio before spending the night not knowing I had been double dipping cunts the entire day.
by *KING* February 25, 2013

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