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The root of all evil.
Money; Cant live with it, cant live without it.
by *Dee* June 06, 2006

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Gods way of testing young people between 12-18 to see if theyre worthy of adulthood, very few are chosen.
Young men who have not made the puberty transition may become vile and hostile a few run out on the streets stark naked doing backflips all while filming themsleves and getting a show on MTV.
by *Dee* February 04, 2006

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Pacemaker on legs.

Also see; George Bush
Cheyne's got a gun, dick cheney's got a gun, now everybody's on the run..
by *Dee* March 19, 2006

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What does Gnosticism mean? Plain and simple…it means rebelling against and breaking free of the conformity set forth to us by religious dogma. That same Dogma that, for centuries, has instilled unbelievable fear and guilt upon the masses. It means dispelling all the fear based untruths about God and our eternal Souls by bringing reasoning and intelligence into the equation

Gnosticism has been linked to the New Age movement. This so-called New Age movement isn’t so new. In fact, it is older than time. Gnosticism was around long before the time of Buddha or the time of Jesus, and it came about way before the Old Testament. The whole world believed in it, totally and completely--we have had many lives.

So who are we? We are Gnostics--not agnostics.

As Gnostics ...

We base our path to God on not so much as faith as we do reason.

We know that Anything that can be asked can & will be answered.

We know there are no mysteries.

Believing on faith alone is exhausting.

Reason is what we bring you.

We know that the reasonable idea is that we keep progressing, that whatever wrongdoings have been done to us, they are ultimately for a reason.

Nothing is random or pointless.

What you have to realize is that Gnosticism does not care whether you are Lutheran, Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, or Buddhist. Gnosticism is an addition to your existing beliefs…not a replacement for them.

The knowlege of Gnosticisim is this...

* To Love not fear God
* To Get rid of guilt
* To Show that through many lifetimes you perfect your soul, then return to the Other Side

This is the knowledge that will help you progress faster and not have to come back so many times. If you want to…that’s fine. But I am sure most everyone is weary of it, or they would not be searching.

We are tired of the guilt, of the fear, and of laboring through life.

We know Life is hard, but we also know it doesn’t mean it cannot be wonderful…free of guilt & fear.
Thats a true and official definition of Gnosticsicm.
by *Dee* June 11, 2006

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The female God, emotions, the emotional side of the brain, the mover, the one who creates miracles in our charts, praised by all Gnostics, is known by many names; Mary, Isis, Madonna, Ge.
Mother Azna can change anyones life chart, she is the miracle worker.
by *Dee* February 04, 2006

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Something only attainable by most folk if something is given in return; say a blowjob.
Chrissy; Hey look, I got a A+ on my math test!

James; Sure you did
by *Dee* February 27, 2006

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One of the greatest bands ever formed. The Gods of Grunge. They have given inspiration and strength to a whole generation of kids, even though they are no longer together, their music will stay in our hearts and minds forever.
Even though I was only nine when Nirvana played in 1993 I was still the only third grader singing "Rape Me".

Kurt - RIP I miss and love you

Krist - Volim Te

David - I Love You
by *Dee* December 06, 2006

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