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The nickname given to the M60E3 in the popular online game SOCOM II.

The word newb, is defined as a person with little or no experience in a any given game. "Cannon" may have first been used due to the cannon like sound of the actual gun, or the guns cannon like apearance.

The gun, as pertaining to the game include a 100 round magazine and poor accuracy, it levels the playing ground for may "newbies" since all they have to do in any given map, is get close enough to the opponent, and they can fire for virtually, as long as needed, is often found to be very, very frustrating to many of the more experienced players of the game.
1. I cant belive this shit! this kid thinks he is the man cause he's using the newb cannon.

2. Man i just cant win with any other un than the newb cannon.
by *Dash123* July 27, 2005

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Any time when a person is making a decisive victory , or gaining a respectable number of kills through the use of an IW-80 in the popular online game SOCOM II.

Due to the superior firing speed, with its combination of respectable accuracy, lethality and clip size, makes it one gun in SOCOM that many players have found almost impossible to find an equal to.

(is pronounced: "eye-dub whore"__or__"eye doubl-yew whore)
Dude! I can stand this shit! that guy is a little IW whore!
by *Dash123* July 27, 2005

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