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gremo, im ont totally sure whatr gremos do but its a mixture of the two words 'greebo and 'emo'to make 'gremo' they listen to all the emo music like fall out boy but hangout with all the greebs, they either dont listen to or sort of listen to greeb music but perfer the emo type. and when their greeb mates talk about their music, they basically *smile and nod* to anything they say about it.
'greeb'- hay, have you heard that song by that greeb band?
'gremo' - err, which one?
'greeb' - ya know, that one thats like.....yeah.
'gremo' - oh yeah i know that one, yeah it rocks.
'greeb' - totally, hay i saw loadsa fuckin emos listenin to all their crap pussy music on the way here. i think it was somit like fall out boy.
'gremo' - omg, they totally suck *trying to hide the tickets he had just bought to see them live'
by *-x-* March 04, 2006
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