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a dumbass prep store that tries WAYY too hard to be like abercrombie, american eagle, etc. they make their clothes so unbelievably cheap that you can fricken buy 20 for $2.00. also, most of their clothing is sized wayy too big so even the fattest person would be an extra-small or a small; and the shirt would still be too big for THEM! no one i know shops there.
angelina: *looks at melanie's new abercrombie outfit* omg why don't you just shop at aero? that's where i shop!! their shirts are like one dollar each and they're like made wayy better than anyone else's clothes!
melanie: *looks at angelina's really small figure and sees her shirt so big it could be a nightshirt* eww i hate aero. i got my little sister's birthday present there and i was the oldest person in the god damn store. i'll never consider going there for anything again.
by **annabelle brentwood** February 05, 2005
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