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A word that describes something that is extremely cool, such as music, clothes, people, etc.
Ain't nobody dope as me, I'm dressed so fresh so clean...Outkast
by **DrEaMaKeR** May 10, 2005

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You know you're Armenian when...
1. Asked where he's from, your dad may reply "I'm hye." People will never look at you the same way.
2. You're last name ends with either "ian" or "yan".
3. You live in Los Angeles County. If you don't many of your relatives do, in the areas north of Hollywood. (Glendale, Burbank, etc.)
4. Your family considers the anniversary of the Armenian Genocide a national day of mourning.
5. Your parents are still holding a grudge over the genocide, and hate Turks with a passion.
6. Church is attended as a social event.
7. Often, when your family meets other Armenians, it's realized that you're all related.
8. Dolmeh: You either hate it or love it.
9. Though you are not rich, you enjoy luxuries such as brand name clothing, jewlery, nice cars, and more.
10. After watching "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", you were shocked to realize that your own relatives resemble many of the characters.
11. Your parents were probably born in Iran, and fled the country before or during the war.
12. Though you were never taught the language, you are able to understand Iranian (Farsi).
13. No matter what kind of music you listen to, System of a Down rocks!
14. You have to applaud the Armenians for trying to change the ghetto of East Hollywood.
15. You are from one of the best countries in the world.
Since telling her we are "hye",my teacher thinks my family is into drugs. My last name is Kevakian. I live in La Crescenta, California. I wear black on April 24. My parents hate Turks, but I think I can forgive them for their shameful past. My future husband can most likely be found at our church. The new guy who works at the bakery is my dad's cousin's husband's uncle's wife's nephew. I could eat dolmeh everyday of my life. Yesterday I bought a $100 purse at Coach. I think the producers of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" met my family somewhere and thought we were from Greece. My parents were born in Tehran, and both moved before the Iran-Iraq War. Who needs Spanish?! Knowing Armenian, Farsi, and English will get me a decent job in LA! I like rap and hip-hop, yet I have every CD from System of a Down. Sure, East Hollywood is still full of hookers, drugs, and cheap bars, but hey, they managed to get that "Little Armenia" sign up; it's a start, right? I'm from Armenia, one of the best countries in the world.
by **DrEaMaKeR** August 14, 2005

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Herbert is the aging pedophile seen on Family Guy. This crazy old man is in love with Chris Griffin and dreams of someday marrying him. He actually freaks me out a little bit...
Herbert is my favorite character on Family Guy, after Stewie Griffin of course!
by **DrEaMaKeR** December 09, 2005

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A city that wishes it was Los Angeles.LA has it all, so who ever decided to make the Sac state capital obviously made a HUGE mistake.Just admit that LA rocks, bitches!!!
"WTF? Sactown's the capital of California? Are you seriouse? Man, this whole time I thought it was LA. Goddamn Sacs!"
by **DrEaMaKeR** June 21, 2005

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