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when you crap youre pants, roll it up in a ball then throw it at someone.
me: That bitch michelle threw a mexican handbomb at jaime yesterday.

my friend: what the fuck she is fucked in the head
by (sic) maggot 666 October 16, 2006
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a hardcore (sic) slipknot fan

slipknot kicks ass fuck fred durst and stay (sic) all you maggot motherfuckers
i'm maggot cuz i listen to the best fucking band in the world, slipknot and so are all my crazy fuckin friends fuck you if you dont like slipknot and stay (sic) if you do peace to all maggots
by (sic) maggot 666 September 20, 2006
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someone who knows what music is and has had to deal with bullshit all there lives. or someone that love the fuckin best band in the world fuck you whoever says a slipknot fan is an idiot and has no taste in music fuck you and burn in hell you avril loving cock sucking piece of shit!! FUCK YOU!
i love slipknot thus i'm a slipknot fan and so are my friends and fuck you whoever said slipknot sucks you fucking prick go fuck yourself
by (sic) maggot 666 September 20, 2006
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