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In response to Pappy: You obviously haven't lived here for very long. In high school (at both East and West) I knew several girls who were pregnant, had already had a kid, or an abortion. There are in fact drug dealers everywhere, I know, because I used to be one of them. This would be a great place to raise your kids if you don't mind them smoking lots of pot and eating shrooms, and aren't worried about the fact that the gutterpunks can show them how to take one easy train ride to Fern Rock and pick up crack and heroin. And no, I'm not exaggerating. In recent years the town has been built up, so the random drug-addled hippies and willfully uneducated wiggers are lost in a sea of clueless tourist yuppies from the surrounding areas who are going to get hit by my car if they don't learn how to cross a street properly, but they are still there somewhere, I promise. On a lighter note, you can get by far the best hot wings ever down at the Mesquito Grille.
"I'm out of pot again."

"it's cool, we can ride down to Doylestown and get some from my guy."
by (god's gift) Magg0t August 02, 2009

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