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1) A word that offends blacks, but should only offend blacks that fit the discription of it. The reason why non-Nigger blacks get offended is because they hate to be associated with their race's "bad apples," not because of whatever slavery-related nonsense that other people confuse it with...Just how non-Redneck whites hate to be called as such. Everyone (including whites) can agree that there is a huge difference between "blacks" and "niggers."

Black people are just hard-workers who contribute to society just like everyone else...Now NIGGERS, are the gang-banging, uneducated, welfare-abusing, cap-popping, thuggin', no-good, drug-selling/using, nothing-but-rap-listening, terrible parenting, never-want-to-get-ahead-in-life blacks, that nobody wants around...not even regular blacks.

Any Black person who has sense, will NEVER use that word in a positive manner (this means the word "nigga"). If you want to associate someone with being your close friend, use the term "friend," not "my nigga!" It makes you sound and look like an idiot. I'm black, and I hate the word, and whenever I use it, I'll use it in a negative manner like the examples listed below, and above's description.

2) I too think it's unfair that "nigger" is taboo, but "cracker/honky/whitey" is not. And I think it's dumb that black people can use the most terrible word in the English language to CALL each other, even though no other race does that!! When comedians are onstage, it's perfectly natural to laugh when the black comedian says "whitey/Redneck." But when a white person calls a black person "nigger," lawsuits are filed, and all hell breaks loose. But for all you white people who'd rather play it safe...Black = preferred, African-American = annoying, but still not offensive, Nigger = offensive to Black people who are NOT niggers whether it's said by a white or black person.

(PS) I'm black.
1) a: Nigger (male): Aye' my nigga! Why is you always studying? Why is you always working? Why don't you just get youse a fly-azz baby-mama, and I'll put you on the map to sell drugs? That way, you can keeps it real fa' sho. Don't be a sellout, mayne!

Black (male): Because I don't want to be a nigger.

b: Nigger (female): Girl, I'm only 17 and I'm pregnant fo' the 3rd time. But dat's okay, since I dropped out of skool, welfare and my baby daddy will take care of me. That way, I ain't neva gotta work, and I can just shop and be fly alllll day. Why won't you?

Black (female): Because that would make me a nigger.

2) Nigger: Man shut the fuck up you dirty, racist, whitey-ass, cracker-azz, honky!!

White: Well YOU shut up, you...nigger!

Nigger: I can't believe you said dat to me!! I'mma call Al Sharpton on you, and sue yo white azz!!

by (PS) I'm Black March 28, 2008

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