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a cannibal is any creature that devours another of its own kind. yadda yadda yadda! you can joke about this stuff and all, but when your life is affected by something like that, you sort of warn people never to joke about it again, on pain of death!
crazy guy: i got this disgustingly funny picture of a couple of cannibal...

affected guy: what did i tell you? dont say i didnt warn you!

(affected guy then proceds to strangle crazy guy until crazy guy passes out)
by 'nuff said April 30, 2004

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a place infested with humans. taking the galaxy, and the entire universe into account, it is NOTHING MORE than a piece of space-dust. the creatures inhabiting it all seem to get along just fin with each other... except for the humans. they think its an EXTREMELY important place, but thats just it: they DONT think!
person1: been to earth lately?

person2: nope!

person1: lucky bastard...
by 'nuff said April 30, 2004

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yeah, god's real, don't insult him!
well... there sorta more than one, so ya gotta be a teensy bit more specific.
which one exactly? there are hundreds of gods, NONE of which have any interest in the human civilisation. i mean, if you and sevaral hundred others had infinitely endless power, WHO THE FUCK WOULD GIVE A SHIT ABOUT HUMANITY!?

and the answer is!..... NONE!

oh, and i am personally responsible for the death and suffering of christ. just thought i'd mention it is all.

some guy: really? how many IS that now? i lost count.

me: yeh, its no fun anymore. but, i bought into this job, so i gotta sit around until they wipe themselves out, or piss off some god who then obliterates them. hmm, should be amusing. luckily, they can only do it once!
by 'nuff said April 30, 2004

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reading these meanings it would SEEM that seph is some kind of fuzzy-not-so-inanimate plushie alien. dressed in a discount-ninja package. which is pure evil, which is absolutely not true. who lives out there *points*
seph: i am eeeev...ery confuse-ed
by 'nuff said April 30, 2004

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is so funny. some of the things clasify as hell are acceptable meanings, but those who try to describe it? "little men in red horned pyjamas sticking pitchforks in your ass" hah! maybe you people should wake up to real world, yes? fuckin' psychos!! hell exists. i've seen it. satan? he's a dickhead. he doesn't rule hell. or at least, not the one you people think you know...
hell is such a pretty place, although they could really do with some renovations. such a happy place, where the "demons" inhabiting it are beyond quite a few horror movies, although unlike most, they aren't entirely mindless beasts. its more like an alternate universe to this one. yeh, that about sums it up. and its preferable, because the "demons" and all that are my kind of people. we get along pretty good. and human souls? they dont go there, its more like they're reborn into this world, in which they can rise out of, to glory and god's grace and all that sappy bs. ugh. revolting. but, if they are destroyed in "hell", then they pass from all existance. believe me!
by now you're asking yourselves: if i like "hell" so much, then why am i here? mainly because i'm on holiday... okay, i'm lying. i pissed off one of the major deities whos got friends in high places, so to speak, and i was sent to endure an entire mortal lifespan (the traditional holiday length), on this chunk of space-dust. it might not have been so bad had they sort of accidentally-on-purpose put me in such a dead-end life. i'm rambling again, aren't i?
crazy guy: go to hell and burn!

me: been there, done that...
by 'nuff said April 30, 2004

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