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George is a Greek name that is typically given to males upon birth. The name comes from the word 'georgos', which in English means 'farmer'.
1. Hello George, how has your day been?
2. Come upstairs and tidy your room, George!
3. George wondered where his watch was.
by July 2, 2018
To provide assistance to someone, making it easier or possible to complete a certain objective.
1. John asked Emily if she could help him.
2. Tom helped his friend with completing a school project.
3. Matthew was helping his grandmother wash the dishes.
by July 2, 2018
Specific characters which are used together to create a name for an account, that is used for an online service.
1. My username is Crossmake.
2. Sorry, but that username is already in use.
3. Would you like to edit your username?
by July 2, 2018