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so, typically
these kids are like 14-21.
they take a load of photos,
have hair that is the shit.
they dye it a load of crazy-cool colours
and some use uber cute hair extensions
that are leopard print or coontails and stuff.
many have little obsessions with
hello kitty
and other little kiddii cuteness
almost all have myspace,
and have hundreds/thousands of friends
they have like there own little language
and use a load of cutesy
ganstaa or 80's/90's
they wear a load of eyeliner
and mascara
they take pride in their appearence
some would say 'vanity'
there hair is teased/backcomed on the
top layer, and the bottom layer &/or
extensions are straight
they wear tight jeans and ballet
flats, with bows in there hair
and leopard and zebra print are
pretty popular,
some wear vintage too
they can be a bit random,
and are usually really fun!
some are non-drinker/smokers
and are really against that sort of thing.

tight jeans,
possibly stolen from there little sister
straight hair,
often bi/gay
yeahh, like that?

scenesters are often interested in photography, and say they want to do something in there life.
they typically photoshop.

do not call them emo. they will be offended. they are often mistaken for emos

they live for there friends, and cannot live without there music, ipod, phone, computer,camera :D

scene kidz aim convo:;
woahh, like ma new leopard hair?
that hair is the sex, ily!
scenegirl.x: ILYM!! xoxo seeyou@theshowtonite
yeahh, tis gonna be rad. new photos on myspace, commentss?? x
scenegirl.x: you know it, babs! xoxo
by [millionaire,,me?] December 27, 2008

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