3 definitions by [KmA] Jumper

sex - intercourse - a romantic interlude ending ultimately with the act of copulation.
1)Man, I'm gonna go out tonight and find me some booger! 2)Man, I bet she's got some sweet booger! 3) Hey dude, did ya get any booger over the weekend?
by [KmA] Jumper August 21, 2004
Also used as "fess it up"
1) To give or relinquish.
2) A request for booger.
Person A: I'm goin' to the store - you want something?
Person B: Yeah, get me a dope and a moon pie.
Person A: Fess up some $, biatch!

C'mon baby fess up some of that booger!

Dude, did you get her to fess it up last night?
by [KmA] Jumper May 25, 2005
1. A sport where one uses expensive global positioning technology to locate useless
dollar store items in remote locations of the planet.
I went to Wal~Mart and bought a brand new $200.00 GPS receiver just so I could go Geocaching and get myself a smiley on geocaching.com!
by [KmA] Jumper May 29, 2005