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Golden Gamerz / Golden Gamerz are those who have be gamerz a very long time.
When you play Gamez long enough you become Golden at your Gamez.
As a Golden Gamerz you might say... Man i played Gamez so long i have become old olden and Golden.
by [GG]sm0ke! June 28, 2007
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GG = Golden Gamerz or Golden Gamers,depending on how you consider the type of gamer you are.
Golden meaning older gamer or gamerz depending on hat type of older gamer you are.
Golden is not your age ,its how long you played that Game.
Hey i played with you here so often LOL you must be a GG/golden gamer by now.
Trap wants to be a GG/Golden Gamer,hes had 15 kills without a death.
by [GG]sm0ke! July 08, 2006
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