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also called preperation h 2.a dumb ass prep
britney is a ass crem/whipe
2.i use ass cream its good on the hole
by ??? February 05, 2003
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In a card game, to bring in a new deck of cards, often by calling out "Deck change!" Some players do this for good luck.
Nobody was very lucky, so everyone called for a deck change.
by ??? June 01, 2004
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A Fat Pig With the name Casey or Kristopher
Casey is a zypher
by ??? May 22, 2003
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top 10 rappers

9)Snoop Dogg
8)Method Man
7)Dr Dre
6)50 Cent
5)Notorious B.I.G.
top 10 rappers
by ??? March 12, 2004
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