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"look at that jerk's fecking fat fec."
by ;) October 28, 2003

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1.-Word invented by J.G.A. to name 2 or more pairs of foot --> feet-->feets
2.- Name that you give to ur foot when you have more than 3.
1 = foot
2 = feet
3 = feets
I need a feets massage* (local joke)
by ;) November 30, 2004

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1.A word used when there is nothing else to say
2.feeling random
created in irc.americasarmy.com
Guest-AA5360054-I'm bored
by ;) April 09, 2005

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1: A hot sweetie always ready for a ridin
2: What to call a fine, horny boi or gurl who's fucking you well
1: Cum here Baby
2: Ohh, give it to me Baby
by ;) June 06, 2003

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Slang for dank,hash,marijuana,ghanja,reefer,etc.
Yo you got that eighth of squanto yet man?
by ;) April 05, 2003

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Coolest. Ever.
by ;) June 25, 2003

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1.-The "sweet" way that some americans use to name their girls
2.-Mexican Hot Stuff
3.-Weird mexican mix
guy-"hi meximelt!"
girl- hey honey!
by ;) November 30, 2004

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