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Oh Holly Hills... Let's start off with this: The people are rich as fuck

Everyone in Holly Hills is rich... It's a freaking country club! Most of the children here are stuck up little shits who just brag about their piles of money they keep sitting in their mansions. They are constantly bitching everyone about how they have all this damn stuff that their parents give the spoiled brats...

Side note: Many tend to have puffy hair as if they got themselves electricuted or some other shit

Apparently for Halloween they give out FUCKING MONEY if they run out of candy... I swear...
Everyone here basically thinks that living in the area makes them sort of chosen one *news flash* You are not fucking Harry Potter!

The other kids attending their school Oakdale elementary/middle/high are pretty damn tired of these stuck up rich people...
Tom: Yeah, in Holly Hills Ijamsville
we swim in piles of money for fun

Alice: Shut up...

Tom: we sprinkle gold on our fancy steaks

Alice: Fucking rich people...
by #1 holly hills roastmaster December 05, 2013

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Name for a teenage boy with an organic personality, usually possessing the build of a string-bean, spaghetti, or other material with the diameter of wheat. Very pale, this type of boy is most commonly spotted amidst the highschool mathletes or on the track to upkeep his wheat-like figure. While commonly beige in character, most people tend to appreciate their wheat-like friends. It must be noted, however, that some people are gluten free and cannot tolerate such boys.
Hey look it's carter!

What a guy, he's a real piece of wheat
by #1 holly hills roastmaster December 26, 2016

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