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people or things that love to get pooped on
that scat lover just got pooped on
by #1 stunna March 05, 2003

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very attractive.
wow, he is mad hot!
by #1 stunna June 16, 2003

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A person/thing that came from the country, Somalia.
"Somalian food is B-B-BANGIN!"
by #1 Stunna August 17, 2005

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an exclusive italian clothing line designed to tailor to the needs of the wealthy african american population
Jnig only wears ngaracci clothing.
by #1 Stunna September 21, 2003

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1. Imitates the sound of a gun.
2. Black And Proud.
1. Bap! Bap! dis is how we do!
2. Im BaP!
by #1 Stunna March 07, 2005

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noun: often racist, ignorant unintelligent low-class (whitetrash) denizens of the south east side of the USA who love two things: their sisters (not in a good way) and NASCAR. Rednecks make americans look bad because of their extereme ingorance and tolerance for cheap beer and cheap ciggarettes and their tendency to live in trailers. Not always poor but (often are) maintain a low-brow view on life.
that redneck just drank 24 cans of busch and grabbed his sisters ass
by #1 stunna July 16, 2004

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Any thing that is fake.. a jersey a person.. anything
Tanner's Chris Webber jersey is fugazi
by #1 stunna May 03, 2004

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