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A city in New Mexico, the land of enchantment. Also known as Lost Causes...Popular saying among locals..."Welcome to Lost Causes, land of entrapment. You'll come here on vacation, leave on probation and return on violation..." Once you come to Las Cruces, you will continue to come to Las Cruces...You'll never TRULY leave. Forbes ranked Las Cruces as the number 10 place to retire. Lot's of pot, lots of meth, lots of heroin. Las Cruces is where the cowboys roamed, and is home to the Rio Grande river...As well as a large group of Juggalos. MMFWCL!

Druggie 1: "I'm getting the fuck out of Las Cruces for GOOD!"
Druggie 2: "Haha! You'll be back whether you like it or not!"
Druggie 1: "You'll see!"
Druggie 2: "Yeah, I'll see you when you get back!
by "Me see a valley!" December 01, 2012
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