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a person who pretends to have actual problems just to sing about and complain but really doesnt have any problems. charactoristics of an emo:
-males wear their sister's mascara and jeans
-cut their wrists to "let out all their troubles and emotions"
-will stay in their rooms for HOURs doing nothing but listening to my chemical romance and hawthrone heights, crying and pondering the exitence of humans
-their girls look like dudes with their short hair,,, and their guys look like girls with their long, side parted hair.
- you'll almost never see an emo with out their ipod
-almost all who claim to be emos aren't and all who dont even talk to u except for complaining are.....
emo kid = are cutters and have No LIFE!!!
by Taylor June 19, 2006
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Aussie term for what the rest of the world knows as a gainer;

A running reverse backflip that can be done off a springboard or a platform. Many people can't do them due to the mental block of going upside down, but they really aren't that hard.
Aussie bloke: you going to endo that?
Aussie Shelia: yeah mate I'll definitely endo it, it'll be fully sick mate!
by Taylor November 29, 2006
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A new thing in Windows XP for the user to have the option of sending in the error to Microsoft. It is said to be useless and annoying, but in future years(3-5) Theres errors will be programmed and used to help...but they have no effect on the programs right now.
To disable these annoying things, go to Control Panal>Performance and Maintenance>System>Advanced>Error Reporting>Check 'Disable error reporting.'

Or you may just right click the My Computer icon and go to Properties>Advanced>Error Reporting>Disable
by Taylor January 4, 2005
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The sound that is played on a Macintosh computer when it is turned on. The sound file is programed into the computer, it is not part of the software, which means that regarless of which OS you are running, the sound will stay there. If you do not like the sound, one may mute their speakers before they shut down their computer and the sound will not play the next time your Mac is turned on.
I hate the Apple bong...so I just mute my speakers.
by Taylor March 30, 2005
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a racial slur for someone who is of more than 2 colored ethnicities
If you are an African-American/Native American/Asian mix, you are a clown

NOT an example: Russian/Irish/British
by Taylor June 19, 2006
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1. a mix of the words collapse and crumble
2. the point in which everything goes to hell
When everything collumbles, you're fucked.
by Taylor November 13, 2004
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someone who is gay and resembles that of a prehistoric flying lizard, and or has a long face(and is gay)
paul was being such a fagadactyl so i gave him the poobic punch
by Taylor April 24, 2005
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