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When you're having oral sex and her legs squeeze together and suffocate you and you can't breathe.
McKenna squeezed her legs together as I was eating her out and I almost died from sexocation. (Form of sexocate)
by λ August 14, 2017
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An attempt (often a woman) to make oneself look weak in order to manipulate someone else (usually a man) into doing something for their agency.
This usually involves investment by the helping counterpart, for if they are stupid, will lead into even more investment from their side in hopes of a return.
Lady: "The turn-in date is tomorrow. And I haven't even started the essay! Help me please. I don't know how to do it."
(actually helpless selfish spoiled person using hypoagency to shift her responsibility to someone else)

Male: "Let me do it for you."
(hopes she'll like him more after he slaves for her - ignorant to do the fact that he'll be discarded later when he'll make a single demand of her)
by λ March 19, 2018
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