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A man/boys whos balls are not working are to be removed...
you go to the doctor to get ur balls checked. the doctor tells u their not working... so they cut them off.
by spence August 24, 2004
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Janky ass sex with a woman. In order to make a Cold Turkey Sandwhich substitute your live woman with a dead woman.
Greg had a Hot Turkey Sandwhich with Katie, but then afterward had a Cold Turkey Sandwhich with Mother Theresa's corpse.
by spence January 26, 2005
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Sketchy in a negative way; Questionable; Dubious
Any Hot Turkey Sandwhich is janky, but it is especially janky when done in the alley behind a bar with a close relative.
by spence January 26, 2005
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Turn your head to the left - it's a smiling guy in a Klan-hat.
Turn your head to the right - it's a perverted construction worker.
Because I am not a racist, no example will be given for the smiling guy in a Klan-hat, but, here is an example of the perverted construction worker:

sweetiechick1234:"My parents are out having dinner. Wanna come over?"
by spence November 23, 2004
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one of the best vehicle manufactures out there, if you want a bumpy ride going down a road buy ford, and buy a chevy if you don't, not to mention the distributor doesn't get wet because its at the rear of the engine, unlike the ford that has teh distributor at the front. stupid eh.
by spence February 22, 2004
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Where something was first orginated.. or giving berth...
where does this store make berth?
by spence August 24, 2004
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a rice burner is a small vehicle of some sort, many many stickers that say this is fast but really isn't, a 1/2 inch exhaust leading into a $300 buck coffee can muffler, a huge rear wing that at maybe 300 mph could take off, the Bling Bling and all that other shit, ground effects that add much more weight to the piece of shit, then theres the wheels and rims that cost alot more then the entire car it self. the driver of the vehicle thinks he or she is the shit of the world well they are the shit, the shit I just left behind me. also theres the engine modifications that would include chrome covers colorful wiring and other crap but the engine is still stock, the turbo is usually burnt because they don't know how to cool them off when they shut the engine down. and finally they talk shit saying that they beat all kinds of cars, vettes, f1's all the same shit to them, they just don't give up.
when I drive my 71 nova around with its 427 don't even think about racin unless you have 1 grand in cash, because you'll be behind be all the way.
by spence February 22, 2004
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