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Someone who keeps trying to get naked with Cuculain, with a side helping of sybexs.
by someone July 08, 2003
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ummmm ummmmmmmmm PENUIS!!!!!
| _ __________}
\/ \/
that is what one looks like |
by someone February 22, 2005
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A person who enjoys touching little boys and then stealing their money to feed his fat ass.
One time, at band camp, capnmarv touched me and stole my lunch money.
by someone December 13, 2004
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A god-like computer programmer, sometimes even referred to as a computer saint. Nobody can actually achieve his level, it is the ultimate orgasmic state of programing envied by both newbies and expert.
I'm a good programmer, but nothing like Vorn.
by someone March 10, 2004
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a lesbien, bulldike, or just regular dike
wow, look at all the carpet lickers walking around at the zoo.
by someone March 17, 2005
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