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The sudden, uncontrollable, and spontaneous urge to fap (masturbate) - usually furiously because time is of the essence (a quickie).
I was in the elevator and had a fap attack.
by !BlackDeath! November 12, 2007
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Acronym for "What the fuck would Jesus do"
I am really at a crossroads in my life I wonder WTFWJD?
by !BlackDeath! November 15, 2007
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Short for Urban Dictionary Whore. Someone who spends every waking moment trying to add funny words to this site usually failing miserably.
Christ Jeff is such a ud whore.
by !BlackDeath! November 15, 2007
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1) The act of a chaotic, uncontrollable, frazy time - usually related to wreaking havoc in the name of fun.

2) Scenario's - generally work related - that show zero sign of positivity and follow the trend of bad to worse.
1) Are you down for some cluster fuckery this weekend?

2) This project is so full of cluster fuckery we'll never get done in time.
by !BlackDeath! November 12, 2007
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1) The guy in IT who is in charge of the Internet content filter at work - making your life hell because you can't surf for anything cool.

2) The guy who is tying up the network with excessive bit torrent traffic at work making it impossible to accomplish anything work related.
1) All I want to do is check my fucking gmail and the bandwidth nazi has the site blocked!

2) Why the fuck can't I get webmail to load!? Which one of your bandwidth nazi's is downloading again!?
by !BlackDeath! November 15, 2007
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When a male attempts to remove fecal remnants from a toilet (underside of seat, lid, bowl, etc) via his piss stream.
1) Jesus Christ someone splatter shat all over the toilet. I gave a valiant effort to piss wash it but my efforts were futile and now my prostate is sore.

2) I gave that sucker a helluva piss washing but it's still dirty as a truck stop whore.
by !BlackDeath! June 25, 2009
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The shocking horror that awaits you in a restroom stall aka assplosion aka phantom shit.

Having feces left in, on, and/or around the toilet bowl, the floor, the walls, the faucet, the sink, the mirror, the toilet paper dispenser, inside the soft soap dispenser, etc.
Wow you look horrible.

Yeah I just got out of the john and some sick fuck left me a fecal surprise.
by !BlackDeath! November 15, 2007
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