Not quite rich enough to be a Sugar Daddy.
He only made 60k per year. He wasn't rich enough to be her Sugar Daddy, so the referred to him as her Aspartame Daddy.
by Necromantia December 23, 2015
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A "wee dote" refers to someone who is cute/adorable particularly in the face region. Often used as slang in Northern Ireland

Originates from shakesperean language "To dote on someone" i.e. to show affection.
1.) "Aww Look! He's such a wee dote, I want to hug him."
2.) "Have you seen the new guy?" "Aye he's a wee dote"
by Wee Dote July 8, 2010
1:did you hear? george bush says he is going to handle iraq the american way
2:we're fucked then
1:indeed we are
by bahmahhahhahahaha May 14, 2007
slang word for “psych wardmainly used on tiktok
My sister just got sent to the sike ward again
by Arlyxy March 21, 2023
An individual owner of a small, start-up business who is, in the end, totally full of shit; a new business owner who lacks experience in management, marketing, accounting, etc.; a business owner who develops or markets a "new" product that is utterly useless, ridiculous, or just plain stupid. Variations include "entremanurial" (adj.), entremanurism (n.)
I'd like you to meet Rob, who sells edible undies that taste like broccoli. He's a real up-and-coming entremanure.

My client, who opened a Victoria's Secret store in Islamabad, definitely has the 21st century entremanurial spirit.
by T. McGrimace March 8, 2006
The cat tax is the requirement to post cute pictures of your cat when you mention them on the internet.
Prima: "My cat is so sweet! She claws me in the face when her bowl is empty."

Segunda: "You forgot to pay the cat tax."

Prima: "My mistake! Here is a picture of my jerk cat."
by Anyhoozle December 18, 2020
(v.) to find transcendent contentment through art.
-- "Man, everything sucks. My shitty job, worrying about loosing my shitty job, never having enough money, there’s never anything to do even if I did have enough money. And don’t get me started on the government: Republicans, Democrats, Donald Trump — like there’s a difference. They’re all dicks who think we’re all idiots. And you know what? We are idiots. Who else but an idiot would put up with all this sub-mental, rip-off bullshit? I swear, I can’t take it no more. It’s clocktower time."

-- "Chill, son. You need to get your art on. Slide over to the museum, soak up some Mondrian and Miro. Or school up on an instrument like Louis Badass Armstrong’s choice of expression: the trumpet. Get a girl; waltz her honey ass to a dance class. Or maybe channel your hang-up’s and screw-up’s into a play, off-Broadway style. Don’t look back in anger, man. Know’m saying? Let loose.”
by sophie abrahams March 9, 2011