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being extremely high or stoned to the point of feeling paralyzed
Mike: yo man is he gonna hit this or no
Dan: are you kidding me that kid is zooked!
by andrew242345 August 07, 2006
A very complex move in Battlefield games.Performed and mastered by Youtube user,Stun_gravy.

Basicaly,its a desperate maneuver done wen piloting a fighter in a wargame,were yoy find yourself being pursued by another plane,the movement itself is very simple,but risky,still,it can save you and your plane.

To perform a Zookin,or RendeZook,you basicaly have to equip your character whit an Anti-Veicle weapon,once done,and/or wen being pursued,position your plane at an angle of 90 degrees,Eject,equip your AV weapon and shoot the pursuing plane,if you hit the plane,it will blow,if you miss,you will still have to go back to your plane,once done you will be generaly be behind the enemy plane.
I managed to make Zookin,and saved my ass!

I Zooked him,man,he got so pissed off!
by GamerFromBrazil December 17, 2011
Originally from Battlefield 1942, also seen in subsequent Battlefield games featuring aircraft.

While being pursued in a dogfight, the pilot will pull up sharply into a 90 degree vertical climb. He/she will then exit the aircraft (his/her velocity will cause them to travel upwards alongside their aircraft for a short time). The pilot will equip an RPG / SMAW and attempt to shoot the pursuing enemy out of the sky before climbing back into your aircraft and continuing flight without stalling / crashing. (Note: You must be the Engineer class to equip Rocket Launchers)
A perfect (and hilarious) Zooking example

Youtube; Search : 'Rendezook'

Featuring 'Stun_gravy'

Nice work dude, you make it look easy
by thePhantomGhost January 10, 2012
the process of one smelling so bad that everyone thinks that there is a dumpster coming, or oneself looking so ugly and so alien like that nobody wants to go near them unless they're sending them off to the moon

Basically this word makes no sense at all, so it makes sense in every way you try to use it... you fuckin' zook
1) You fuckin' zook, I want to puke all over your face

2) I zooked the shit out of her last night
by China Doll 69 January 17, 2012
RendeZook - from video gaming; while dogfighting in aircraft - bailing from your aircraft and shooting down another aircraft with a rocket launcher and then re-entering your aircraft
Examples: "oh man someone finally pulled off a rendezook in X vehicle from Y game, check it out on youtube!"

Battlefield 3, to perform a rendezook a player aims his jet straight up, ejects (which sends him upwards, due to game code working to move players upward instead of in relation to the plane), aims down and shoots an RPG destroying his enemy at his tail, then his jet catches back up with him falling and he re-enters the jet.

Planetside 2, mechanic allows the player to roll the jet / ESF and eject upwards slightly if inverted (again eject angle allows the player to travel in a motion outside their vehicle in relation to the vehicle and catch back up to it), to rendezook the player begins the roll, ejects and then shoots a decimator / rocket, destroying another aircraft, then re-enters the jet / ESF.
by nooglide September 23, 2013
Zuke is the name for the severed head of a unicorn, and Zukes are a group of people who take the Zuke as their mascot.
"We are the Zukes!"
by A_Baby_Duck July 16, 2009
high on marijuana, stoned
wanna blaze? wanna get blazed? man was i blazed!
by ihaveissues November 15, 2004
Nausea and headaches often caused by way too much fucking alcohol.
Can be identified by the ashtray in ones mouth,the vomit on last nights clothes,the want to never drink or eat again,the great dislike of sunlight, the undesirealbe urge to apologise to all the people you spent the night with, the stranger in your bed and need for a glass of water and many many asprin
"Where did we go,what did we do, who did we do it with and what did we have done to us?"
"Christ my head hurts I've got a proper bad hangover"
"I'm never drinking again"
by Lady Remo November 20, 2003
warmonger a term that originated in a Vietnam era Black Sabbath song used to describe corrupt politicians who start senseless wars primarily to boost the profits of the military industrial complex
George W Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld are warpigs who invaded Iraq to save Haliburton from bankruptcy.
by Michael_Hunt May 26, 2008
#1. A name of a person who is often smart, cunning, dresses well and likes to have fun. A party goer that attracts many people with his intellect, jokes, and good smile.

#2. A name of a person who likes to fool around and be with his friends, often very caring about others and has no problem dealing with tools.
My boy Zach likes to play beer pong at the college fraternity perties, he is the life of the party.
by Hampden-Sydney January 04, 2008