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The finest peice of ass you'll ever see
Look as the zonkie on that
by ZonkieZonkie May 20, 2011
Like the term "donkey", it refers to a bad poker player. The zonkey, however, makes especially flashy poker moves or uses language to indicate they "know" the game when it is just a matter of time until they "zonk" away all their money with their poor play.

The term is based on the animal called a "zonkey", which is a cross between a zebra and a donkey.
That zonkey was just saying how bad everyone was playing, then pushed all in when he was drawing dead. What a zonk!
by dimossi October 22, 2009
A girl with a fat booty.
Damn that girl got a donkey.
by Sheena_Thick November 29, 2003
Unofficial army command. Typically used during PT (physical training) formations during extremely shitty weather as a way of dismissing a unit from duty. After the command of “Zonk!!” is given the entire unit runs off screaming and shouting to their barracks rooms or cars.
Man, this morning it was 34 degrees and pissing rain. Thank god First Seargent called a zonk.

1SG : “Company!!”
Platoon SGTs in unison : “Platoon!!”
1SG: “Atten-sion!!.....ZONK!!!!”
by Trav October 01, 2004
The most important thing in your life.Something that needs sacrifice. Or simply, wooden nutcracker.
"-Zonki! wuzzup?

-Zonki. nothin'

by Furusato October 25, 2013
Term used by janitors to call people who have pooped on urinals, floors, and in lockers.
The janitor called the class in a room and said, "Who pooped on a plate, and stuck it in the locker with a paper saying 'Suprise!!!!'. We are humans not animals!"
by thankyouforlistening August 20, 2005
Strayed from the course, gone astray. Wrong.
I wish I could help, but everything has gone awry!
by Kay8 August 30, 2007
1. Physically or mentally weak. Lacking physical strenght or health.

2. Unlikely to convince. Weak arguments or exuses.
People and things can be feeble (weak).
by Jafje April 10, 2007
The offspring of a reproductive cross between genetically disimilar individuals, of for example two different sub-species or species.
A liger is a hybrid between a lion and a tiger.
by OneBadAsp October 20, 2006
Slang for the female genetalia, Pussy!
Hey dog, that bitch has a fat ass monkey!!
by Chris January 21, 2005

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