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Thesaurus for zactly breath

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for zactly breath

Common insult with obvious implications. The insult is meant not only to indicate someone who who is stupid and / or offensive, but also one who would do an act which would render their breath like someone else's butt.
Hey, butt breath! Move your car.
by Frank Klaune January 23, 2005
Very, very bad breath resulting from being an asshoover.
Curtis has ass breath.
by dave sadler July 16, 2006
Breath that smells so bad, you think someone farted in that persons mouth, then might have actualy taken a shit in it too.
Man that asshole really had Fart breath.
by Overseer April 14, 2005
Known by many names, morning breath describes the horrible taste and smell your mouth has in the morning when you wake up, even if you've brushed your teeth and all the night before.

It's especially bad when coupled with a hangover.

Morning breath is the bane of all those who fall asleep together and wake up wanting to kiss (but hopefully don't for both of their sakes!).

At the very least pull a dental denial before kissing anyone in the morning!
She was disgusted when her boyfriend gave her a kiss as soon as he woke up and promptly told him that morning breath can kill small woodland creatures.
by malathia February 09, 2006
A stereotypical term used to describe a distinct form of halitosis experienced by African-Americans. Often described as peanut butter and mothballs (Naphthalene).
Man, I could hardly stand to get my hair cut. The barber had some mad nigger breath.
by Marx and Engels June 24, 2006
When the foul stench emanating from one's gob is so potent, that it will actually cause an immediate involuntary gag reflex, burn your eyes, and make you want to pack your sinus cavity with rotting skunk carcasses just to mask the smell.
As soon as I opened the door to the lab, Fred's shit breath hit me in the face like a sac of hammers, even though he was about 80 feet away. That, my friends, is potent shit breath.
by Shaithis June 16, 2006
what yo daddy has after some fun wit yo mama
Daddy had some bad ass vagina breath
by carol April 14, 2004