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The sound that a floating wooden mask makes when it comes out of a kicked box.This word is shouted commonly within the London region to scare passing tourists and commoners.Kicking any box or box like shape will almost instantly result in the word "Umbliga" coming to mind.
An example of this word is in Crash Bandicoot when crash spins or jumps on a box marked with a mask aku aku jumps out and shouts umbliga
by urrm i forgot March 03, 2009
a zanjabubble has a vortex in its body which you may be sucked into be cautious when aproching from behind.
a black hole is an example of a zanjabubble
by urrm i forgot March 02, 2009
Comeondowns pronounced (kum on downs)
Depression resulting from knowing all the answers to a game show while confined in your living room.
Comeondowns is when a person who is sitting at home watching a game show shouting out the answers
by jphw March 24, 2009
Idiolocation: The spot on a map marked you are here
Idiolocation is when your looking at a map andd on it has a marker saying you are here
by jphw March 24, 2009
To stand in a stationary position while pushing a vaccuum in a circular motion around ones self.
He was circumvaculate(ing) so fast, he had a thirndown.
by Matthew Weathers March 27, 2008
Phonesia pronounsed (fo nee' zhuh)

The affliction of dialing a phone number and forgeting whom you were calling just as they answer.
You type in your freinds number and call it and just as they are answer you get phonesia and can't remember who it is.
by jphw March 25, 2009
Telecrasination pronounsed
(tel e kras tin ay' shun)

The act of always letting the phone ring at least twice before you pick it up, even when you're only siz inches away.
Your sitting in you living room, and the phone rings,but you don't answer it until its rung around 2-3 times. Telecrasination.
by jphw March 25, 2009
A contest in which two males take turns kicking each other in the private area.The winner is the one who is left standing.
Pronounced Whoa-SHAM-BOW
I challenge you to a woshambo!
by May 18, 2006
a valuable group of collected items placed together (as in media, books, stamps or other interesting crap
I've got a collection of DVDs
by Kimber Harvey July 25, 2006

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