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Thesaurus for yackawayan

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for yackawayan

the exclusive club ruled by the Yackawayan King, where each member is assigned a job title essential to the clan.
Potential Member: "Can I join the Yackawayan Club?"
Yackawayan King: "NO!!" (King kirks-out, quick stabs)
Potential Member: (death girgles, dies like a pussy)
by The U^d3rtak3r November 30, 2006
A word to refer to a closely-knit group usually quite large and fiercly defensive of eachother. Comes from the Clans of Scotland- who were blood relatives.

Now used more as a term for groups of video-games.
Quake II clans.
by Gumba Gumba February 24, 2004
A place for social gatherings, that plays the latest music and encourgaes dancing and drinking. It also encourages under-aged female jail bait to slip by the bouncer to be lusty eye candy for the 30 something males that attend.
Damn! is this a club? or an after school day-care program?
by James March 07, 2004
a member of the Yackawayan Club. only those appointed by the Yackawayan King can join. each new member receives a special job title essential to the survival of the clan. if can find the King, you are probably already a member of this club.
Yackawayan Assasin1: "The King and Queen will be at the party tonight."
Yackawayan Assasin2: "I'll bring my rifles and the Red Bull."
Yackawayan Healer: "And I'll bring the medkit."
by The U^d3rtak3r November 30, 2006