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To secrete urine or any other bodily fluids onto one's pants.
"Oh shit, I just fergied all over myself!"
by Kerry L. August 11, 2005
{First off, I sometimes wonder if this Urban Dictionary was created as some kind of breeding ground for idiocy...

In the Marvel Universe, A particular group of Mutants (Homo Superior as opposed to Homo Sapien) with special abilities who have grouped together to defend humanity as well as they can. Although a significant portion of humans hates mutants, they still strive forward to show mutants are not all evil as many think.
The X-Men are fighting for a world that hates and fears them.
by Cryomorph X December 11, 2003
An elaboration of the popular :3 emoticon. Also featured in Anime, x3 describes an extatic or cheeky 'cute' character. The 'x' depicts eyes tightly scrunched together.

In internet chatter, x3 is often used as a youthemism to describe one's playfull or joking intentions.
"I has teh bukkit x3", "Can I come play? x3", "Kawaii~ x3"
by Tehsparx January 30, 2009
Something Americans use to describe everything.
Oh wow it's just awesome
by Every Strangers Eyes June 20, 2006
The act in which a person is punched in the eye with a shit covered fist. This will leave the person with pink eye and a black eye at the same time.
Guy 1: Dude what happened to your eye?

Guy 2: I totally got Boom Boom Powed!

Guy 1: Whats a Boom Boom Pow?
Guy 2: Well my girl was mad at me so she smeared her fist with her ass and then sucker punched me right in the eye. So now I have an itchy black eye. It sucks!!
by nopifighter July 26, 2009
the entire band is a portable orgasm. especially lead vocalist sonny moore. their music is god-like and...and just let me say....damn
"Ride the wings of pestilence" = love
by marykate mcdonald May 06, 2005
An acronym for: FUCK YOUR MOM TWICE.
Little Billy became irate and yelled FYMX2.
Dude-man just got FymX2'ed in the face.
FymX2 Crew owns you.
by FrigApple October 15, 2008
When a guy or girl has their way with a sex partner then moves on to the next.

*Hopscotchin does include protected sex.
If your not using protection your HOTscotchin.
Yoo! I went Hopscotchin with some chicks last night, I told her to let me hopscotch and she didnt have any problems with it.

myspace.com/jovanos. Check out the song called "Hopscotchin" for a clear example
by Jovanos January 31, 2009
A superstitious term meaning to give something bad luck or misfourtune
He hadnt got a bad grade all year, but by mentioning that to his friend he jinxed it.
by Crackie The Killa May 05, 2004